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“Condemnation without investigation”

- is the highest form of ignorance


Who is the poorest person on this planet?  And yes, you may change the qualification to anything you so choose because you can.  The answer is the one that believes they are!  That herein, sets the tone for these writings.  I am constantly experiencing clarity, therefore as you read – it is a work in progress.  For the most part, the information that I want to share is difficult to verbalize or put into words.


Often what one thinks is not the same as what is written to text.  I am sure that many have sent an email in which the content was not as intended. Many call that a distortion of thought.  For example, the same word in English may take on a different meaning to different people, especially in different cultures; English words to a Brasilian that speaks English will have a different meaning or connotation, than the same word to a Canadian or American individual.  Often books that are written in the native language of the writer, once translated to a different language, do not convey the intended message.


This same distortion applies to historians.  History is often portrayed through the perception of the writer.  The same event is viewed and written through the individual perceptions of each person’s own reality.  Therefore the “truth” has many perspectives.


The following writings are from my perspective with some applicable quotes.  There is positive and negative in everything, energy must be balanced.  An energy entity can never be all positive or negative.  Many use the expression that energy sways “to and fro” or “ebb and tide.”  The positive and the negative are also effected by mastery and slavery, by the dominator and by the submissive.  From my perspective, that is the way of all that exists, from plants to bugs to beasts/animals. The universe can only expand.  Expansion comes from thought and therefore expansion is the result of the shaping/reshaping of the energy fields that have been created.  Thought is the process that is expansion.


So I would like to thank three ladies from Northern Canada, who profusely objected to my use of the word manipulate and “you should or you need to.”  From my perspective, manipulate is a great word.  One of them suggested the word shape.  So shaping or reshaping it is, just because I can and they like it better.  I now thank them so, because it’s an awesome word for these writings.


Let’s say the universe is an envelope that contains 6 items as illustrated on the previous page.  The spiritual energy/spirit body and the physical energy/physical body, each contain the following; the mastery/slavery aspect, which is the conviction or intensity of thought – therefore, intensity of thought shapes or reshapes the existing positive and negative energy fields.


My intention is be to the point – no round about, no soft spoken anything.  This is about rousing your emotions to start thinking for yourself, as only you know what is right for you.  You may have to re-read several times, investigate for yourself and not depend on others for your answers.  This can only be for you.  There will be things that may resonate with you, if so - take them and run with it; that is how expansion takes place.  All this again, is from my perspective.  So if you think or feel that I am telling you what to do - perhaps mentally replace the words “you should do this or you need to do this” with “imagine if you did this.......... this or that may happen.”


Spirituality referred to in these writings is implied to the spirit being that you are.  Spirituality and organized religion are not the same thing to me, so please keep that in mind while reading.  No one has the right to tell you what to do as that is control.  Resisting is physical - to object is spiritual.  When you object, you begin to think for yourself.  Think - ask questions of yourself to yourself – work that brain on your shoulders.  Using the words “I need” implies physical submission to that particular need.  Using the words “I want” is a thought or desire and is spiritual.  If you want to live a life, live from the heart – If you want to create a world for yourself,  you have to think it into reality, your reality.  Your reality is the only one that matters for you.  It is your truth!  It is your freedom!


Using your Neocortex, connects you to all thoughts, as all thoughts that have been thought still exist.  All thoughts are source mind.  We are the only species that have a Neocortex.  Why?  That is how we are connected to spiritual growth, “to all that is.”   The Neocortex is how you receive and transmit thoughts or energy to and from your higher-self.  Perhaps we are like the computer on a network; if you require more data and information, you will require to connect to more hard drives or servers to get it.  As another teacher so aptly implied – “maybe we can’t physically handle it all – we need to connect to a greater source.”


You are the embodiment of “all that is!”  These writings are a reminder to all those that inherently know - whether spiritually awake or not, that within yourself is all the knowledge that you require to connect to your higher-self and “all that is.”  You are the most awesome for you!


Every spiritually advanced human that has walked this earth has been connected to all thoughts that exist with the caveat, for their path.  They have been deemed by their local cultures as “enlightened.” Perhaps the cultures that hosted the “enlightened” one, required that person only to reach a certain level of spirituality for them at that particular time. Once at that spiritual level, the icon’s earthly path ended.  It is the local cultures that made those so-called “enlightened” ones religious icons and hence worshipped them.  By worshipping and glorifying that icon, those in that culture benefited from the transfer and balancing of energy.  Those that felt they had little purpose in life and were more of the negative field, were able to feel warm and fuzzy due to the positive energy they received as a result of belief in that icon.  They perhaps believed someone loved them and were teaching them the way to a better life.


It appears to be much easier to believe in someone else, than to believe in yourself.  If all one’s life, your parents or ancestors told you that you were just a simple physical being, of no worth and a sinner; then perhaps believing in something higher or divine was the only way to achieve happiness.  Guess what?  You have all of what you require inside of you.  You are “all that is.”


Transferring energy or reshaping the field does not imply giving it away, you are rebalancing the negative and positive energies. One can never give away that which is inherent within you.  When you look within yourself, you are “all that is.” From my perception, I think that all those “enlightened” ones would be appalled to find out that their message or self-knowledge has been used by organized religion for the purpose of financial gain. The bigger the lie, the more one has to perpetuate it and safeguard it.


The message of those “enlightened” ones is this:  The belief in one’s self.  One can do whatever one so chooses to do, if one believes they can. The higher message is that you can be whomever and whatever you want to be.  This is the next level of expansion.  The believing in one’s self, is the process by which to achieve connection to “all that is,” and it is the only path for you – the path that only you can take.  It is the path within yourself and it is the path that only you know for you. Each of us have specific talents to which we excel.  These talents may be related to our path that is right for us.  There will be those that excel at being an artist of different mediums, those that will be teachers and those that are leaders and so forth. Some will want to just do little energetically – that may be their path.  All paths cannot be the same.  There will be those on a path that some would deem as negative - so there must be.  All is energy and so must consist of those that are negative as well.  As above, so below.  If one thinks there are those that are born “evil;" those then are just having to produce the negative energetic portion of the universe.  They are required as much as the positive or “good” energetic beings.  Every sacred text is about that – opposites or duality.  Every thought born is conceived in duality. From my perspective, at this moment, our planet is extremely energetically unbalanced.


These writings are to awaken those whose time it is; those that choose to prepare themselves for the energetic changes which are about to take place.  When one understands who one is, where one came from, one understands everything and why events are unfolding as they are. The awakened and knowledgeable will be able to withstand the tumultuous energy that is impinging on this planet.


If you just wish to expand the mind a little, read on.  If you wish to read about different perspectives, read on.  If you wish for someone else’s answers for your unhappy life, perhaps look within first, then read on.  If you want to know who is going to win the next game or how to pack clothes in a closet, well then, sit at the lunch table and talk about it.


And how is your life working out for you?  Perhaps you may want to read on and create your world - your reality for you!